More preparation …

Chris sneaked off for a quick cultural break in the capital and neatly avoided the first fall of snow for this year.  Barbara is still trying to get various piles of stuff sorted into some sort of order so that her plans for the next week proceed smoothly … there’s the one day show and sale at Nantwich Civic Centre this coming Sunday, two “grandma” visits, and then straight to Heathrow bound for the snowy MidWest.   Add to this a drying-out-from-flooding cellar and a New Year urge to clear and de-clutter and it’s a fairly potent mix!  The bags are packed for the grandma visits so that’s one box ticked, the Nantwich things are almost all together in one place so it looks like the USA pile that needs the most attention.

Upstairs, in one sewing room, some non-quilting things have crept in to the general mix and mess –


Lots of projects stacked up waiting their turn, even if it does look like heaps of random fabric to you –




plus the inevitable heap of papers to be dealt with –


Just visible in this heap is one of our favourite invoices – yes, it sounds silly, but if all invoices looked as good as this one from the esteemed Rio Designs, it might be less of a pain to actually stump up money for things!  (Perhaps we need to get out more? Chris)


By way of justifying some of the time spent amongst all this stuff, Barbara has posted some new EQ doodles on our EQ page.  And for anyone who enjoys Mystery Quilts we recommend hopping over to our friend Jean Ann Wright’s blog where the next adventures of Sunbonnet Sleuth have just begun.


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