Preparation and procrastination

The new term is about to start. Are we ready for it? Silly question … of course not. But, we’re getting there. No evening classes this term (for a variety of reasons) but there still seems to be a lot to do. Chris starts her Block of the Month and Technique of the Month sessions at The Corner Patch in Eccleshall soon (very soon – next week in fact) so EQ has been working away helping with colour planning and worksheet preparation. Chris’s stash has been out on the floor and put in heaps and stirred around and put in other heaps until a close approximation of what looked good for BoM in EQ is reconciled with what is the stash.

Jane BoM quilt1

BoM fabric

Various and assorted Blue Peters (aka ‘half-made things’) have been dragged from their hiding places for the Technique of the Month – the idea for this is to make a series of table mats with a strip down the side featuring a different technique each month – from rotary cutting and machine piecing to templates and piecing over papers with a bit of applique as well, not to mention folding and tweaking. So more fabrics have been thrown around and compared and discarded or approved.

ToM fabric and bits

Then there are the Chris and Barbara classes at Tittensor, starting at the end of February, to get ready for. More fabric to pick at and ponder over. Blue Peters to make – does the technique really work? Are the measurements right? Is it going to look ‘wanna-make’ when its done? And our biggest angst of all – is it sufficiently interesting to keep everyone busy, occupied and happy all day? The Needs List for the February class – Roman Jewels – is now available, by the way, from the website. Next step is the worksheet – more EQ work, more double checking of measurements , reading it through to make sure it makes sense and all the diagrams match the text …


RJ fabric1

And being January there is the Nantwich Fabric Sale and Show to look forward to on the 20th. We both need to find something to stitch as we’re supposed to be demonstrating and we could do with finding some quilts that are maybe relatively new (or so old everyone’s forgotten they’ve seen them before) to display behind us. More dragging of stuff from cupboards and shelves. More heaps to create and stir about …


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