Playing with EQ again

Chris still finds time to play with that addictive Electric Quilt program even when she should be doing other things – like getting a head start on all the projects she has lined up for this year.  We thought we’d have a look at some of the bits and pieces that actually preceded the last EQ playtime post.  If you remember we just made and coloured in a half-square triangle, a quarter-square triangle and a unit that looked like two Flying Geese nose to nose (Kissing Geese?) and then made some quilts with the Geese units. But what about those triangles?

Starting with the half-square triangle – there’s lots of possibilities here. All blocks that divide diagonally can be arranged like this – think of Log Cabin for instance.

triangle plain

Keep turning the triangles … use the ‘Symmetry’ button to start with –

triangle squares

triangle windmills

triangle zigzag


triangle bars

and then try a manual turn using the ‘Turn Block’ button –

triangle star

Quarter-square triangles with just two colours aren’t so interesting

quarter triangles

Or you can combine triangles –

hst plus qst

ormixed triangles

Or add in the Geese unit

triangles and geese

Next time we’ll look at what happens when we play with these same blocks and units a little more …


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