In between times

We  wonder if anyone else gets caught up in a mindless blur between all the hubbub of Christmas and then New Year?  We’re putting our respective homes back to sort-of-normal and looking at the lists of stuff we really ought to start, stuff we really ought to have finished, stuff we really ought to have progressed, tidied, sorted – well, you get the idea.   In other words, we’re both surveying the wreckage and trying to move forwards!

For all these reasons Barbara has found herself throwing 5inch squares under the machine with no particular goal in mind – maybe a start on some zippy bags, maybe some book covers, doesn’t really matter, it’s just being busy at the machine and making a noise that’s important!

stitching squares

perhaps some of this?

perhaps sets of 3?

The squares were all from a packet acquired at The Cotton Patch probably two years ago,and it’s been really easy to just scatter them and pick up at random.  Various lining and trimming options have already been considered


which include some of Barbara’s very favourite Oakshott silks (this must be more serious than I thought! Chris).  

Chris meantime is ‘busy’ playing with EQ. The excuse is the Block of the Month starting very soon (it seems) at The Corner Patch in Eccleshall, but all sorts of possibilities keep appearing on the screen and very soon we could have Quilts of the Month except that real blocks are more likely to get made in real time than real quilts. Virtual quilts on the other hand ….   Perhaps the worksheets (really must get around to writing those) will expand to include some quilt possibilities too. And then of course there’s our Tittensor workshops which will also start before we know it and which need worksheets and samples and EQ diagrams – more excuses for EQ play and for getting fabric out all over the floor.  Not that anyone needs excuses really.


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