Playing with EQ

One of the things we love about Electric Quilt is the way you can do a few idle doodles and start new ideas – and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Chris was playing around the other day – here’s the start of it.

First bisect a square and colour it in (any two random colours will do!)

bisect a         bisect

Then bisect it again to make quarter-square triangles and colour it in

bisect again a

 bisect again

Then cut in half across the middle and colour it in

and again a

and again

Wonder what this looks like in a quilt? Try a straight 4 x 4 setting –

quilt 1

But suppose we start turning some of those blocks?







quilt5or even


There’s some possibilities here – and we haven’t looked at recolouring the blocks or putting them on point or any of the other exciting things we could try.

And of course we could (and Chris did) go on adding lines to this simple block making it ever more interesting. Perhaps we’ll look at that another day.


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