Puzzles end

Nearly Wednesday again and we’re still wordless, so here’s a bit of an update on the Puzzle Quilt classes (in the absence of anything else happening at C&B Enterprises right now). The classes came to an end a week or so ago with all students having completed (or at any rate – started) at least 6 blocks. The idea was to make pairs of blocks, placing the colours or shades differently so the blocks do not look the same. The puzzle is to then find the pairs once the quilt is completed. As we were doing quilt-as-you-go most sudents not only had their pairs of blocks stitched but they were quilted as well. By now at least two quilts have been finished (sadly no photos yet). But here’s a few photos of some of the work-in-progress, Starting with a block based on Hope of Hartford which has a partial-seam construction and was the final block for the Improvers’ class.

imp puzzle block Hartford a

imp puzzle block Hartford b

imp puzzle block Hartford c

Same units, turned around make a completely different looking block –

imp puzzle block Hartford d

imp puzzle block Hartford e

imp puzzle block Hartford

And then a couple of London Roads blocks – don’t you love the way they all look so different …

London Roads1

London Roads2

Then there is the time-honoured practice of ‘quilting by committee’ – put the blocks on the floor and we’ll all move them around until everyone is happy with the layout – here’s the start of Margaret’s quilt

puzzle quilt1

And as you saw a week or so back at our finishing day Karen has very nearly finished her quilt – in fact it probably is finished by now as she only had the final border and the binding to complete nearly a month ago

Sampler project from Chris's Eccleshall class

We love the little red border splitting up the green; the binding and final border were going to be a darker green. Wonder if they still are?

And so back to C&B Enterprises – no classes until February so just what are we doing with ourselves until then? Well (apart from that little hiccup at the end of December beginning with C that disrupts normal life as we know it) we’re sorting out fabrics and worksheets (and memo to self, mustn’t forget Needs Lists – Chris) for the first couple of classes, getting ready for the Nantwich fabric sale on January 20th, and even kicking around ideas and dates for 2014. Already! But then Barbara gets booked up well ahead. Chris is also planning further classes in Eccleshall – pop over to The Corner Patch website to see what Jane is offering. Other than that?? Barbara is still travelling the globe; Chris is sticking at home, still titivating the place  and the garden, when the weather permits.


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