100 steps

Both of us are very busy with all sorts of things that involve some sewing but not specifically piecing or quilting – Chris is following on her new cosy carpet with Roman blinds at various windows (theoretically, and theory is great, its the practicality that’s the problem. Various ‘things’ have been acquired but don’t hold your breath! – Chris) and Barbara is counting out bags then filling them ready for the Staffs Patchworkers meeting on Thursday next week.  Fabric has been cut, plans have been made, much coffee consumed and we can both see progress for our efforts.  Until we have something a little more quilty (or do we mean guilty?) to show you, here’s Barbara’s first 100 step record.  You may remember the concept – take 100 steps in any direction and record what you see along the way.  Being somewhat contrary, Barbara thought she would begin her 100 steps in her sewing room rather than outdoors – the pictures are taken at 0, 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 steps –

zero steps

the view at 20 steps

view at 40 steps, left

view at 40 steps, right

view at 40 steps, up

view at 60 steps, left

view at 60 steps, ahead

view at 60 steps, right

view at 80 steps, left

view at 80 steps, lower left

view at 80 steps, right

view at 100 steps, right

view at 100 steps, right

view at 100, left

Barbara’s excuse for this last pic being blurrier than intended is that these were taken quite early in the morning and she hadn’t totally woken up…..


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