Classes and shops

Chris has had an action-packed week filled with gardening and teaching.  Fortunately she hasn’t yet confused the two and turned up to teach with her gardening kit but it’s been a close-run thing…  Weeds to clear, gravel to fetch and spread, trellis panels to position and secure, large pots to acquire, position and fill, lots of hacking into undergrowth – taking on a large overgrown garden can be very challenging!  She’s been so busy she hasn’t posted a new pattern for Meadowside Designs (nag, nag, nag…) but she did remember to take some pics at her Thursday sampler class.  First one is a table runner that, according to its maker, isn’t “good enough” …. hmm!  We think it looks great, don’t you? And bear in mind – this is a first ever attempt at patchwork.

(Guess these pics were taken on Chris’s phone, they look less sharp than usual – Barbara). (Actually, sorry, taken on the camera.  Think I just specialise in blurry pics and need to stop blaming it on the phone – Chris)

Chris has taught a good number of classes for our local shop Pollyanna Patchwork and we were both really sad when Alison had to make the decision to close the business and make more time for her young family.  But we were delighted when we found out that we will still have a local shop The Corner Patch – and in the same location too!  Chris will be teaching classes here next year and you will find a listing on the new website soon.  We are very lucky now to have several quilt shops within easy travelling distance – we’re almost spoilt for choice as you can see –

There’s ZigZags in Newport, also good shopping, good food and easy parking nearby, lots of interesting architecture.

Angie’s Quilt Shop in Cheadle, also good shopping, good food (including Barbara’s top selection for Staffordshire oatcakes), Georgian architecture plus Pugin’s masterpiece, St Giles Church.

Castle Court Quilter near Oswestry, also good pub lunches and 12th century castle and teashop.

Quilter’s Trading Post at Buerton, lovely old school buildings, longarm service and en route to Bridgemere Garden Centre.

Barbara is busy “doing stuff” for the Staffs Patchworkers December meeting – it all appears to be top secret (ish) and involves fabric which is all she’s willing to say at this stage.  Never a dull moment!



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