Get to the Point – class report

Not the best start to the day when we discovered that the caretaker had forgotten our booking!  This is, on a minor scale admittedly, the stuff of nightmares.  An hour to go, locked doors, no heating ….  So much racing around and frantic activity, but all well in the end, and we’re pretty sure everyone had a good time.  The focus of the day was the humble Prairie Point – various ways of constructing it and using it to enhance blocks and quilt edgings.  We began with a brief demo of folding individual Prairie Points to overlay triangles within a traditional Turnstile block.  Barbara’s sample, using  Oakshott fabrics,  had 3 blocks and a fancy edging and that was the layout that everyone took as a guide.

The overlay concept is not particularly new but was the main focus of this book

and there are some interesting effects to be had from this technique.

There was a lovely calm and relaxed atmosphere as everyone worked their way through the first block and some terrific looking results

Maggi Birchenough had brought some of her own scrummy hand-dyed fabrics to use in a very individual Prairie Point project –

– and remember, Maggi actually sells fabrics like these online – hop over to her website and take a look at the current offerings.

In addition to all this productivity it was great to see a finished top from our Mystery day last month –

and a fabulous quilt (all hand stitched) using Barbara’s “Twenty Years On” block that she designed for the 20th anniversary of Staffs Patchworkers.


Our next booking for the village hall is 24th November, when we are hosting a Finishing Day with tea, coffee, cake and lots of help and advice.  There may just be enough time to get our respective gardening duties done before then!



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