Evening class

A jet-lagged Barbara and a not terribly awake (but no excuse) Chris led the students through the making of yet another four-patch block – Lucky Clover – which looked at the use of the 45 degree line on the ruler and those Y (set-in) seams. Chris also showed a way to avoid the Y seam, but it involved even more pieces to stitch.

But first the homework came in. We’re sure most of our students don’t sleep, piles of blocks came through the door. We laid out a selection of last week’s block – Temple Court – to show how the same block even in a variety of colours could still make a ‘quilt’. Then we ‘borrowed’ Sue’s stack of blocks and spread them all out on the floor so we could explore different settings.

Above are Sue’s blocks straight set against a dark background and below against a light background.

Then we tried various on-point settings –

Having failed to reach agreement on which setting looked best everyone went to have a look at making the Lucky Clover block. Here too we discovered that a simple block could be made to look very different by turning the four quarters. So first is the block as it usually appears and then two variations.

Four blocks of this final version put together could give some interesting designs, but so could alternating versions 1 and 2. However, they will have to be drawn in EQ when we have a spare moment as Chris has run out of the cream fabric – if you look closely you will see that some of the cream patches are pieced as well.

With apologies for the lateness of this post – too much to do, too little time and we spent the weekend with Ann Jermey (and lots of visitors) at the quilt show in Bradley demonstrating various aspects of machine piecing, hand piecing and hand quilting. Not to mention eating delicious cakes and enjoying the excellent lunches to be had in the Village Hall.

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