Autumn weekend

Barbara may be in Houston but Chris (abandoning C&B Enterprises to its fate) went to Surrey for the weekend and  squeezed in a brief visit to Wisley. The camera of course was still at home so the photos are from the fuzzy phone. The colour combinations of the planting – especially in the greenhouse – were amazing; plenty of inspiration to be had. So just a few photos – the less fuzzy ones – to show today, including the fishing bear sculpture and a view from the top (almost) of the gardens showing some of the autumn colours.

You just have to admire his mossy coat

The railings had a lovely curly design on – there was a close up but even fuzzier than this one, you get the general idea though.

This was the weirdest flower, it looked as if someone had come round in the night and glued two totally different ones together, but the combination of that brilliant pink and purply blue was amazing. Would you dare to reproduce that colour combination on a quilt? With the grey-green leaves it looked fabulous.

This was another colour combination we all fell for. Can definitely see this in a quilt.

Normal service will be resumed soon when Barbara returns from the delights of Houston to teach the next evening class on Wednesday – though jetlag may dictate differently, perhaps Chris will teach and Barbara take photos.


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