Electric Quilt play

We love ‘playing’ with Electric Quilt – hours of procrastination can pass quite happily while we convince ourselves it is really work.  And it is.  Sort of.  One of the things we have fun with is taking a standard block and deleting lines from it.  This time we’ve chosen an Ohio Star variation, often called Swamp Angel. If you open the Block Library

library buttonand then scroll down to the Nine Patch Stars block library

Nine Patch Stars library

and then select the Swamp Angel block and click on the button to put it in the Sketchbook. Then close the Library.

select block from library

Now you can open the Sketchbook and select this block. Click on ‘edit’ to put it on the drawing table.

select block in sketchbook

The block should now be on the drawing table ready for you to edit. As we are going to delete lines, rather than add them, you need to select the ‘pick’ tool – it looks like an arrow at the top of the left hand toolbar.

edit block screen

Once you’ve selected the ‘pick’ tool, click on the line you wish to delete – it should be highlighted.

select line to delete

To delete the line, just hit the ‘delete’ key on your keyboard. Then select the next line you wish to delete. If you make a mistake you just click on ‘undo’ – this is a button we always add to our top toolbar so we can access it quickly and easily rather than going through the menus.  It’s a distinctive blue arrow

deleting lines

Keep going round the block until you have deleted all the lines you want to and have made a new block.

new block

Save it in the Sketchbook and then click on the ‘Color’ tab at the bottom of the screen to colour the block in. How many ways can you find? Don’t forget to save each of them in the sketchbook.

first new block in colour

In the same way you can make a similar new block.  So select the original Swamp Angel block from the Sketchbook again and put it on the drawing board.

select original block again

This time we’ll delete a different set of lines.

select line to delete

Delete this line and select the next one

select and delete more lines

Until you have made another new block

second new block

And now colour this one and save it in the sketchbook

second block coloured

And while we’re at it – why not colour in the original Swamp Angel block too?

Swamp Angel coloured

Or we could colour it this way (and save it in the sketchbook)

Swamp Angel coloured again

Play around with colouring in the various blocks.  Try not to enjoy yourself – or get addicted!  Once you’ve done this it’s time to play at making quilts.  Why not come and play at making virtual quilts with us another day?

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