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It’s all a mystery

New comfy chairs at the Village Hall were much appreciated for our Mystery Day.  Lots of sitting and stitching but with no idea of what the result would look like ….

Here’s where everyone began   – the official version followed by the real thing –

Once these first units were made – and there were quite a lot of them! – it was on to cutting more strips and stitching and slicing

At lunch time we had a quick look at a quilt top by Ann Jermey that she had begun in one of our Grow Your Own classes – apparently it is awaiting a final border and then it’s ready for quilting.  We thought it looked terrific –

We did allow pauses for coffee, tea and cake consumption as well as lunch, but there was a slight problem with the cake this time – no suitable knife of any kind could be found in the kitchen, so improvisation with a fork (!) resulted in an interesting display on the plate –

The pattern we had chosen for this year’s Mystery was based closely on “The Wonderland Quilt” design by US quilter Billie Lauder.   When we asked Billie for permission to do this, she graciously agreed on condition that we sent pictures of the day – think we might omit the cake!  The block  for this quilt is very easy to make, just straight measuring, cutting and stitching, but is very versatile, in that the component units can be turned in any number of directions.  Which is why we chose it – it means that everyone will have made the same blocks to the same instructions with their own choices of fabric and then when it comes to putting together there will be all sorts of choices both for the block and its setting.   Here you can see what some of the blocks will look like –

We’re looking forward to seeing the quilt tops we’re sure will follow on from our Mystery Day – everyone had done enough cutting and construction to make 12 blocks each.  Well done to all!

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