Class report week 4

A busy week for everyone – Chris is sceneshifting, painting walls and re-arranging furniture in readiness for new carpet, as well as putting things together for our Mystery Day class on Saturday, Barbara is packing The Tank with various teaching boxes and bags for the third time this week and trying to maintain a semblance of domestic order at the same time.  Our evening class students have definitely found the answer to making space for sewing in their busy schedules as serious quantities of homework were brought into class yesterday.  Several ladies have made more than one of the set blocks and now have an impressive stack of blocks awaiting transformation into a quilt, and we were able to spend some time looking at easy setting options – framing, sashing, cornerstones, that sort of thing.  Barbara got so carried away with this part of class that she forgot to take pictures and Chris was too busy ferrying various fat quarter selections to and fro the table so she didn’t take any pictures of this part either.  But we did remember to snap some of the homework blocks

This week there was only one block to demo and discuss – Tangled Star.

This block is not really as complicated as it looks.  We thought it would be a good place to start  making templates and handpiecing and we await the return of homework next week to see how that worked out.  Here are a few EQ images that feature the block, starting with an alternative value placement  –


3 thoughts on “Class report week 4

  1. I would love to make this quilt but I can’t find a pattern or templates can you e mailed me where I can buy the pattern and templates! Thank you

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