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Evening class – week 3

We certainly have a productive group for this series of classes – we’re sure everyone brought in at least double quantities of homework on Wednesday night.  The homework blocks were Clay’s Choice and Whirlpool – here’s a sampling of work done

Chris brought in a small piece of her homework

Jane’s quilt top from an earlier C&B class was much admired

You can see from the telltale details above that we keep well fed and watered in class!

This week’s blocks are Pinwheel

and Next Door Neighbour

Once we’d worked our way through the demo, showing construction of Flying Geese and half Flying Geese units with just rectangles and squares, everyone was sufficiently boggle-eyed with the prospect of MORE homework that we relented and made more tea and ate more biscuits.  As a stitching incentive here are just a few possibilities from the two blocks –

Barbara is off to write a report for the Staffs Patchworkers blog/website and then go to Norfolk to talk about Tentmakers of Cairo, Chris is unpacking after a day’s class at Pollyanna Patchwork and in the meantime, we fancy we can hear the soft hum of sewing machines in the distance as, in various homes, homework progresses ….

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