Class show & tell

Both of us were rather overwhelmed this week by the fabulous Show & Tell work that came into class.  Of course, we don’t insist on a Show & Tell but like to think that we encourage everyone to bring in their finished work, work in progress etc.  Stella’s quilt is based on blocks from the last series of evening classes and, after everyone went “ooh” and “aah” we came up with some suggestions for further quilting as requested – definitely a gold star to Stella on the production front!

Amanda had arrived with a couple of large bags – turns out she has been quietly beavering away in between class sessions and made six quilt tops.  No-one could believe how many tops there were, just when we’d finished looking at one, another one came out of the bag like the proverbial rabbit out of a magician’s hat  (Thinks – maybe Amanda is a magician?)  We were all on the edge of hysterical envy and Barbara only managed to snap three of the tops in all the excitement –

Not sure that these productive people are excused this week’s homework however ….!


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