Puzzle progress

Over the last couple of weeks Chris’s Puzzle Quilt students have been hard at work doing their homework. The Thursday Beginners had to make two Greek Square (or Churn Dash) blocks, while the Saturday Improvers had to make two Clay’s Choice blocks.  Chris managed to capture a few pictures  before the blocks were whisked out of sight because ‘they’re not very good’ and ‘the points don’t meet’, and ‘the triangle lost its tip’.  Remember, this is a beginner’s class and these blocks look more than fine to us (with apologies to the Saturday students for the blurry photos – they were taken with Chris’s ancient phone as she forgot her camera) –

– and finally Cindy’s blocks.  Cindy lives in a different time zone to the rest of us and we’re almost sure she never sleeps. Not only is she making three quilts at once (yes, really, 3!!)  but she e-mailed to ask for extra block patterns as she’d ‘found some spare time’.  Where has she found this precious commodity?  Does she know it’s highly saleable?  Can we have some too?  And if anyone has any of the fabric bordering these two orange and blue blocks surplus to their requirements – Cindy needs another half metre or so.

Frankly we think they all deserve gold stars.  And to cap it off one of Thursday’s students produced a crocheted cot quilt to show at lunch time – this apparently is a ‘first effort’ –

To keep everyone on their toes this week each class has studied two blocks – so there will be four blocks to do for homework over the next fortnight.  We also looked quickly at machine quilting with a view to quilting-as-we-go another day.


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