“In a pickle” – class report

Unseasonally good weather put everyone in a good mood for our “In a Pickle” class on Saturday.  Barbara’s mood was a little less sunny when she reviewed the pictures taken during the day and discovered that her new camera had not produced quite the sharp results she was expecting.  Something sensible, like sitting down and concentrating on the details in the handbook, is probably called for but in the meantime we apologise for the lack of clarity in the following set of class pictures.

We followed our usual class format – show how its done first, then turn everyone loose to try it for themselves.  The main focus of the day was foundation piecing, using Golden Hands TM quilting paper for the foundations, with a brief nod in the direction of hand piecing along the way.  The Pickle Dish block we’d chosen (there are so many different variations) looked like this –

and blocks set together might look like this

With lots of coffee, biscuits and cake to help out along the way, everyone had a really good time making their blocks – and no-one got into a real pickle!   Half of the class started with the pointy arc pattern, half decided they would begin with the second pattern we had provided which was not pointy … you’ll see what we mean below

We really enjoy all the other stuff that goes with a class – the fabrics chosen, the clothes, the bags and the returned “finishes” that are shown at lunchtime –

Our next Saturday class is Mystery Day on Saturday 13th October – of course, we can’t show you what the project looks like, but just to whet your appetite – we’re using a new technique (not sure that’s the word, but it’s close – Chris) that we haven’t shown before. We do have a couple of spaces left if you would like to join us. You can book online at www.chrisandbarbara.co.uk.


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