Electric Quilt Part 2

We promised we’d show what happens when you play with the Random Recolor button so here it is.  Note that Chris has had a new computer with Windows 7 (bit of a mega step up from XP – Chris) so she is busy playing with some of its new things.  The screen shots you’ll see below now have little red (or sometimes blue) lines and loops drawn on the them to help you find the buttons we’re talking about.

So, first of all find the basic Log Cabin quilt we created last time (or you can use any block you fancy) and locate the ‘Random Recolor’ (sorry about the American spelling) button. Y ou may have to add it to your row of buttons by clicking on the little arrow at the bottom of the row to bring up a menu of all sorts of new and exciting things to play with.

find the random recolor buttom

This is what the button looks like – a magic wand

the magic wand button

Once you’ve clicked on the button you will get a new menu up –

recolor menu

Click on the ‘Random’ button for now – you can play with the others later. Then move the magic wand over your quilt and click –

recoloured quilt

If you like it, save it. Click again to get another colourway –

recoloured plus border

This time we coloured the border in as well.  Not sure it was the right colour … But we can just undo it and click again with the magic wand –

This time we’ve used the ‘Eyedropper’ tool to select one of the colours from the quilt to put in the border (the eyedropper is a tool we will look at again as we find it really useful) and then clicked with the magic wand again, because we weren’t sure we liked that colourway – (you can spend a lot of time not being sure of something!)

recoloured again with border

This is a better one. (Can’t you tell its Chris doing this one? – Barbara) What happens if we use fabrics instead of colour? Click on the ‘Map to fabrics’ button and then on the quilt –

map to fabrics

If you like it, save it. And now you can also have fun with the ‘Symmetry’ button again –

using the Symmetry button

It’s starting to look very different from the quilt we started with.  Save it the Sketchbook (highlighted above with a blue line round it).  While you’re here, why not have a play with the other buttons on the magic wand’s menu to change the hue, brightness or saturation of the colours.  The great thing is – you won’t break anything!

We love Electric Quilt – and perhaps now you’ve had a chance to play with these buttons you can see how endless hours of time vanish whilst making virtual quilts.  If only we could find the time to make some of them!


2 thoughts on “Electric Quilt Part 2

  1. Not the sort of playing that you can do for just half an hour. Once you start, the time just seems to slip away! I would love to have the time to make all the quilts that can be created, that way I could use up all of my stash.

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