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Chris taught her first two classes of the term at Pollyanna Patchwork last week.  As you may recall from posts earlier in the summer we are doing Puzzle quilts; one with half a dozen simple blocks for beginners and one with a few more and slightly more challenging blocks for ‘improvers’. We’re also going to be making them quilt-as-you-go so (hopefully) by the end of six sessions the quilts will near enough ready to go on  beds.

On Thursday the beginners had a go at rotary cutting and strip piecing to make a Greek Square (or Churn Dash) block.  As a change from the blues and yellows Chris made the sample quilts from, the demo piece was done in autumnal colours (much more “me” – Chris).

We didn’t get around to doing any sewing in class so no pictures yet of students’ blocks, but some starching and pressing of fabric took place and even a little cutting.  Chris had brought along some fabric-that-didn’t-matter so that everyone could practice cutting without using their own precious fabric.  One of the students was having real problems with her cutting – she’d managed fine with Chris’s cutter but when she swapped to her own new cutter the nice smooth raw edges were all chewed.  Investigation showed the cutter fitted with two blades. So – a free spare blade and a mysterious puzzle solved!

Saturday’s students had done some sewing and even P&Q before, so were designated ‘Improvers’ much to their disbelief.  A swift review of choosing fabrics/colours and of rotary cutting and we were straight into a demonstration of the first block.  This time Clay’s Choice.  (You might remember this from our Saturday Sewing Specials)  A majority decision was taken on Chris’s colour scheme for this block – which proved to us all how different fabric looks when you cut it up and put it in a block rather than just put it in a heap on the table.

Clay's Choice block

Those triangles have gone quite ‘muddy’.  (Although I think it looks fine – Barbara)  Never mind – the joy of Puzzle quilts is that you get to make two blocks and change the colours and values around (and perhaps even use different fabrics). After lunch everyone got stuck into making their first block. Chris only managed to capture two of these before the end of class; hopefully more next time.

Cindy's Clay's Choice

Rosie's Clay's Choice

And it will be interesting next time to see how everyone has tackled their second block and how different they have managed to make them.  We only meet every fortnight … so see you for a Puzzle update in two weeks.

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