New website

We have a new website!  The content hasn’t changed much but it is now hosted by WordPress so we have been able to make it look a bit more like our blog.  We’ve talked about it for ages; Chris read up how to transfer from one place to another, scratched her head and said huh? and wha? rather a lot and nothing happened. Then came … the new computer. The programme that drove the old website had to be downloaded to the new computer.  Not a problem.  But … the old website was sufficiently elderly by now that the new version of the programme couldn’t talk to it, so no alterations could be made to links and other essentials.  This was an Emergency!  So, favours were called in and resulted in a rescuer by the name of Martin (who rescues USB data among other things). He moved the website for us and, after we’d tinkered about with it and transferred all the content and pronounced ourselves sort-of satisfied, another call was made to ask  – what do we do now??? Back came a text saying – nowt, I’ve just done it. What a star!  Any errors in the website and links are ours – please let us know if you find any as we haven’t finished checking everything doubly thoroughly yet.  All of which means that you can look forward to a month or two of tinkering with both website and blog while we decide which ‘look’ we both like.  And, as two fully-qualified procrastinators, making that decision could take us a while!

So far, patterns, books (including that well-loved “minor classic” Right from the Start) and class payments are available on the website.  Chris keeps trying to bludgeon  persuade Barbara that it would be ok to have her quilting pattern books on the C&B website, but so far no success – these books are only available on Barbara’s website.

While Chris has been dealing with all these weighty technical matters Barbara has had a busy week wearing her Chairman’s hat at the Staffs Patchworkers meeting and finishing samples for our Pickle Dish class –

Onwards! – have a great weekend.


4 thoughts on “New website

  1. WOW! I just can’t believe how talented you both are! Anyone wishing to see these two geneii only have to visit the Quilts & More Weekend at Bradley, 3rd/4th November, to see them both ‘in person’

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