After the Festival

The mighty empire that is C&B Enterprises was not involved with Festival of Quilts in any official capacity like entering quilts, trading or volunteering but it is most definitely a show-not-to-be-missed.  So, as Barbara was wearing her other quilting hat and had a place in the Quilting in Action section, Chris decided it would be a good plan to be at Festival for all four days and help out as well as seeing the show.  Fine in theory – but there was so much going on that neither of us had much time to take interesting pictures of the quilts.  Chris did manage to zoom round at the end of the second day when it was a little quieter and find a few of our favourite retailers and contacts – sharp focus was occasionally lost due to the speed at which she was moving (or so she says – Barbara)

We haven’t sorted through our quilt pictures yet, and you will probably find plenty of these elsewhere in blogland, so we won’t post any here.  It was great to meet some of our followers during the show and we’re really pleased that the Saturday Sewing Special and Wordless Wednesday posts have been so popular.   We did however manage to get a pic of Shirley Sherratt’s colour co-ordinated phone and sleeve,

and one of Maggi Birchenough pointing out the sample she quilted for Barbara’s display

All we have to do now is pull ourselves together again and crack on with samples for next term – which will be here before we know it –  and try to find time in between to do something with all those ideas whizzing around in our heads that big shows like Festival seem to generate.  Must be the general creative buzz…


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