By popular demand (well, Maggi asked) Chris gave in to temptation and paid to download the full story … it would seem the case came up before the Magistrates. The policeman said he didn’t notice the gentleman’s cart being driven too fast but the street was very busy as the dockyard was turning out; the cart was therefore causing an obstruction and he had warned the defendant about this on other occasions. Solicitor for the defence said it was a necessary obstruction as the cart was outside the shop and was being unloaded, the horse had been taken back to the stables and another was being fetched as the first horse had already done an overlong shift. However the case was found fully proved and great-great-grandma was fined 2s 6d and 9s costs. Ho hum. No wonder there was no fortune to inherit! This photo was sent by relations in NZ and is thought to be the several-times great-grandmama in question. She is said to have had 22 children…


3 thoughts on “Update

  1. Thank you Chris. I hadn’t realised that it was your great great grandma. Sounds like she was hard done by – one rule for the gentleman, another for a hard working lady. Overworked as well I should think if she had 22 children!!

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