Saturday Sewing Special # 3 – Hovering Hawks

The third week of our Saturday Sewing Special – wonder if anyone has made any of the first two blocks yet?  But then again, this is a deadline-free area (just as well because Chris lost touch with the week and thought today was Friday, so apologies for the late arrival)  and we’re just cutting and piecing because we can.  This time we’re featuring one of our favourite block titles – Hovering Hawks.  Half square triangles are the main component of this block, and you can download a printable set of instructions here.  You could use a variety of scraps to make your version or you could try it in just one fabric and one background, it looks good either way.

This block has lots of possibilities for settings as it is directional –


2 thoughts on “Saturday Sewing Special # 3 – Hovering Hawks

    • Yup! Though there will be only 6 of them. Of course you could make two of each ….!? Or just keep collecting the worksheets into one of those folders we all have, labelled ‘One Day’. Chris (whose ‘One Day’ folder is overflowing)

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