California connections

It’s always fascinating how quilters connect – and how powerful this wonderful internet thing is.  Just recently we had an email from sunny California (ah, the dreams of sun, surf and early Beach Boys music – Barbara) congratulating us on the Links page on our website which had apparently proved most useful in a class project on quilting at Jefferson Library.  So useful that one of the students had felt inspired to put together their own set of quilting links and to send us the one they felt would be of most interest to a wider audience. All of which reminds Chris that she really must look at the website Links page and update it ….

Meanwhile in a hotspot in southern Spain, Barbara is getting to grips with some hand piecing –

(Does this mean we’ll be offering handpiecing classes next? – Chris)

Blame for this journey into hexagons is being firmly cast on our Stoke pal Shirley Sherratt over at Stitcherydo – we’re sure Shirley never leaves home without a little packet of these addictive shapes to work on, which is doubtless how she gets to be so productive.

Chris’s production line has ground to a halt in the meantime. But the brambles in the garden have been given a good seeing-to in between showers. And black currants picked and turned into jelly. Not only that but, courtesy of a singalong with the Bach B minor Mass from the Proms tonight (good job I was home-alone – Chris), the binding is on the blue quilt.


3 thoughts on “California connections

  1. I just love the way in which the internet shrinks the world. You both have a long way to go to keep up with the hexagon queen although Barbara’s look lovely.

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