Meanwhile …

… Chris is once again in sole charge of C&B Towers as Barbara has gone off in search of sea, sand and sun – not necessarily in that order. Hopefully she’s found at least one of them, but as she is wi-fi-less (horror!) we won’t know until she’s back.

So what has Chris been up to? Quite a lot of quilting, actually. The ‘really ought to get that finished’ pile has been reduced ever so slightly. Two cot quilts are complete, and washed, ready to hand over to expectant mum in a couple of weeks.

Not only that, but the pattern for them has been written up and you’ll find it here.

Slightly flushed with this success Chris moved on to a couple of tops that have been sitting about for quite some time. First out of the bag was an autumnal one. Chris had been so pleased with how the patchwork turned out that she didn’t want to ‘ruin’ it with inept quilting. Sound familiar? Chris gave herself a good talking-to: time to get over such silly ideas and just get on and quilt – no one ever got good at something by not doing it, did they? So a bit of in-the-ditch and a squiggly curve or two in the borders later and its done. Even got the binding on!

And finally … the quilt top Chris was making at Uttoxeter has had a border added (thanks, Alison, for having just the right fabric in stock!) and once more into the ditch and another squiggle round the borders and it too is done. The binding is nearly on that one as well, another good Proms concert to listen to will see it finished. Thursday night perhaps?

But today has been paperwork day and ‘tidy up this chaos’ day. Which meant putting away some old photos which had come to light in a rummage for something else entirely. And this one caught Chris’s eye. It would seem that wrapping up warm for a day on the beach in July was normal even back in the ‘olden days’ – think this was probably late 1920s or early 1930s – Chris’s great-grandmother was not going to catch a chill!


One thought on “Meanwhile …

  1. Lovely cot quilts. The snippets of the other two look good as well. And there was me thinking that summers in the distant had always been warm and sunny!

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