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Saturday Sewing Special #1 – Clay’s Choice

So, if you’re ready here’s our first Saturday Sewing Special.  We’re starting with Clay’s Choice.  This is one of our all-time favourite blocks – very straightforward piecing, only two shapes to measure and cut plus lots of possibilities for interesting fabric/colour placement.  Click here for a printable set of instructions to make a 12 inch block together with suggestions for several different quilt layouts.

  • Clay’s Choice is a simple four-patch block – that is, it is made up from four (or in this case 16) smaller units.


  • It is best made to finish at a size that is a multiple of 4 – i.e. 8inches or 12inches etc.
  • You will need a minimum of three fabrics including a background.

You’ll find lots of greyscale quilt layouts included with the printable instructions – here (courtesy of that magical EQ7 quilt design program)  are just 3 very simple quilt layouts featuring this block


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