Some stitching for the summer

Back in the dim but not-so-distant winter months we thought it would be a good idea to run some sort of  Block A Week “feature” – just for the heck of it.  Never got around to doing anything more about it, too much planning and procrastinating on other things. But some ideas don’t just disappear – so you will be able to find our first block here on Saturday 21st July. Each week we will have basic outline instructions for one block to download and print and possibly a little Electric Quilt colour to show a couple of simple quilt settings of that block.  No pressure, no deadlines, no detailed step by step pics, just some easy cutting and stitching – you could make as many or as few blocks as you want to, and do with them whatever you like (within reason).  You could even send us pictures. We’ll be running this for six weeks only so be sure not to miss it.  We even have a title – Saturday Sewing Special – !!  Mark the date, Saturday 21 July,  in your diary …  when we hope that the outlook from C&B Towers will be a considerable  improvement on today’s view (yes folks, this is the British summer in all its glory).

Technical note: The ghostly camera reflection probably wouldn’t have happened if it hadn’t been so dark inside that all the lights were on at 2pm!


2 thoughts on “Some stitching for the summer

  1. I Just found the saturday spezial. Thank you very much for the pattern! I also found the Evening Class. is it possible also to get or post the pattern??
    Thank you very much for sharing and your kindness!

    Greeting Guilitta

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