Sunday blues

The rain continues to beat against the windows of C&B Towers

and there is no possibility of “outside” without flippers and a wetsuit, so Barbara is trying to get lots of preparation done for various C& B classes as well as a considerable number of her own projects.  Chris is safely somewhere near the south coast, hopefully away from the worst of our English summer monsoon weather.  Actually leaving for the southern trip was a problem for Chris, who had to cope with major flooding issues (like gushing storm drains in the road and in the garden) just as she was ready to put her bags in the car.  All being well everything will have dried out by the time she gets back.

So, holed up in her sewing room, Barbara has managed to get a good start made on a number of things and has even made progress with some of the “started” pile…

… the sample for a hand stitching class at Pollyanna Patchwork is under way

…. another block for our September Evening Classes is finished

… fabric has been selected (you cannot imagine how long that took! ok, it took 2 hours of fiddling around and rummaging) marked and cut in readiness for the next stage of the almost-mythical Whigs Defeat (Jubilee version) block.  The progress on this block will probably show up on Barbara’s blog sometime soon.

…. a little light housekeeping has been done, and a couple of shelves sorted out.  This worked really well because this delightful card re-appeared – wouldn’t this be great to translate into fabric?

This screenprint panel also came back into the light – only the smallest amount of stitching would be needed to finish it and this woven taupe makes a perfect background don’t you think?

One of the things we both enjoy about class planning is messing around   working with Electric Quilt.  Sometimes the results show up on our EQ Doodles page and sometimes they don’t.  As you may have seen in previous posts, Chris has done a whole batch of block and quilt samples in blue and yellow ready for her Sampler Class in September and the blue colouring seemed to  transfer over to Barbara’s suggested quilt layouts for the September Evening classes –

No doubt further variations will appear on the EQ Doodles page in due course!

Time to go and check out the weather forecast ….


One thought on “Sunday blues

  1. Chris won’t want to come back if the weather continues like this. You are certainly keeping yourself busy. Love the camel. Did you stencil him?

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