Glued to the screen

Lots of gazing intently at computer screens for the next few days – Chris is taking a well-earned (and long overdue) break and heading south at the end of the week, leaving Barbara allegedly in control of the global phenomenon that is C&B Enterprises….  So there are lots of things to be set up, filed, finalised and fidgeted with on our respective computers – our beloved DropBox program has been working overtime already.

Chris did manage a very short break on Saturday when she had secured a place at the Staffs Patchworkers workshop with Pauline Barnes – a whole day on the other side of the teaching table, and a lot of fun too.

You may have noticed that we have quite shamelessly  stolen  helped ourselves to  joined in with Maggi Birchenough’s Wordless Wednesday postings.  We’re not sure that anyone really remembers where Wordless Wednesday originally began, but we think it’s a great idea and are planning to post fairly random pics that we hope are vaguely inspirational.  Of course last week it somehow got turned around to Wordy Wednesday with our challenge idea, but we’ll try to keep Wednesdays wordless for the next few weeks… (And of course it’s better than WIP Wednesday for us as all our efforts seem to be WIPs and never even progress to UFOs let alone PhDs)

There’s been a lot of preparation work to do for our autumn classes – you really do have to plan months ahead – and between us we have nearly worn out our  Electric Quilt programs for worksheet illustrations and diagrams.  For Saturday classes at Tittensor there’s In a Pickle on 15th September  and our annual Mystery Day on 13th October  and Get to the Point on 10th November.  For our evening classes there’s a full set of sampler blocks to make and write up

Remember, thanks to Chris and some technical wizardry, you can now book online for both our Saturday and our Evening classes.


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