Wordy Wednesday

It all started when Chris took a photo of an airbrick somewhere in Stone (as you do) and showed it to Barbara roundabout the time we had a talk from Angie Hughes at Staffs Patchworkers.  Barbara’s artistic brain (!!) promptly went into overdrive about ” what if” … embellishments, threads, paints, dye, fabric printables …..piecing, applique, stitch…..

So we thought why not inflict it on the rest of you.  See what you can come up with – no bigger than A4 and whatever technique etc you fancy.  There’s the whole of the so-called summer to play with the concept – and if you don’t find inspiration with this one, there may be something to challenge your creativity in some of the pics we’ll be posting over the next few Wednesdays. Send us a photo of your interpretation ..

Don’t forget you can click on the photo to get a larger version of it and feel free to download it and print it out to play with.

Chris got as far as having a bit of a play in EQ with it…

… the sketchbook is a bit full and there is a strong temptation is to take it across to Photoshop and play even more.  Needless to say Chris won’t do anything with any of the above , they’re ‘made’ now and there’s gardening to be done and more pictures to take. But a few more of these doodles may show up in the next few weeks.

PS There’s some new EQ doodles, courtesy of the Braid class


4 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday

  1. Chis is so clever; to have taken the photograph in the first place is pure genius. Keep up the good work Chis, you are such an inspiration to us all.

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