Braiding Saturday

We probably should have billed this class as “come and play and have a good time” – straightforward stitching and cutting with fun and interesting results.  Chris started everyone off with a demo of how to position the strips, sequence etc etc and then it was time to try it out.  In a matter of (almost) minutes you could hear any number of bag panels and table runners being planned as the machines hummed away. After a quick break for lunch more stitching and then another demo, this time based on a 60 degree cut and a half-hexagon shape.  More strips were quickly composed and then Barbara waltzed around waving mirrors to show a few possibilities.

Barbara had acquired a new camera and all photos were taken with that, Chris having buried her camera at the bottom of the bag and forgotten about it. Unfortunately most of the photos Barbara thought she’d taken don’t seem to be in the camera – so apologies to Val who brought her fabulous Lone Star quilts – 3 of them (2 large cushions and the centre for a kingsize) from last time, and to all those whose braid strip designs  haven’t shown up here. Perhaps we’ll have to do it again ..?

Update – a couple of the mirror pics got lost somewhere in the ether, between “draft” and “publish”

and Maggi B has forwarded her picture of the stunning Lone Star


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