Patience is a virtue …

… but neither of us has a great deal of it just when it’s most needed.  Barbara is probably the most impatient person on the planet and today has been rather testing.  Eager to get ahead with some of her Staffs Patchworkers plans, she has been trying to put together 2 of the upcoming Blocks of the Month.  Not difficult you might think, just cut stuff out and stitch it – but for some reason, once things were past this stage

it started to get quite silly and there was a LOT of unpicking and muttering and redoing and unpicking and – well, you get the general idea.  Chris thinks its down to over-excitement and the aftermath of Barbara’s little expedition to Cork for a certain much-anticipated concert at the weekend –

Equally interesting, but in a different way,  some rather fetching tiles and decorative details in the general Cork street scene

Chris has meanwhile been at the helm of C&B Enterprises yet again and getting on with a great chunk of preparation for our Evening Classes which begin in September (we are taking bookings already!) – nearly all the worksheets are done so now there’s just the odd sample or five to slap together  prepare.  In the light of Barbara’s current piecing results it’s possible that this job will land up on Chris’s sewing table ….. but if it does, then Chris’s patience will be sorely tested as she has already worked her way through a great pile of blocks for her Sampler classes at Pollyanna Patchwork starting in September.  In theory of course this means Chris should just breeze through the piecing having had all that practice. But theory is a wonderful thing …


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