Jubilation over –

but we did achieve some of our goals for Serious Sewing.  Barbara got two quilts to the first stage of binding ie stitched on but not turned over  and stitched down into place, and you can see from the pic below that she was not defeated by Whigs – 4 arcs pieced together (it really is quicker than you might imagine) and the square-up pieces chosen and cut.  Of course, a little light pressing wouldn’t go amiss at this stage …

We sneaked in a quick visit to Headquarters for coffee and high level consultation and writing of lists – major re-organisation of our DropBox folders and contents is underway and these things need careful consideration and planning.  We extended our Headquarters visit with a speedy march up and down the High Street taking pictures as we went.  Fortunately this was the day everyone was inside watching Jubilee things on TV so we didn’t get too many odd looks as Chris pointed to things and Barbara clicked away.  Here are some selected highlights (although these are probably only interesting if you like doors and buildings generally!). And those of you who think you know Stone High Street can have fun spotting where we were.

Chris’s Outdoor Plans for the weekend were scuppered by the weather

but she did manage to storm her way through at least 4 library books (she’s a quick reader) and several more blocks for the Puzzle Sampler class, plus a lot of paperwork and planning for next year.

So the 16 blocks for the not-quite-beginners class are finished. Just the sashing and quilting to go … !

And could the reason Chris has gone all blue and yellow be lurking in the garden?


One thought on “Jubilation over –

  1. The Whigs block is looking good. Love the photos of Stone – that door looks very Downing Street. Bet Chris is still watching the garden grow in the rain. Enjoy Dublin Barbara.

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