Jubilee weekend

We’ve rather been ignoring the Jubilee stuff up till now, but both of us have realised that actually what it all this Jubilation means is a whole two days (at least) when we could get some Serious Sewing done.  And if not Serious Sewing then maybe something else equally absorbing.  Chris has been producing at least two blocks a day for her Puzzle Sampler class which is scheduled to start in September

so she might continue over the weekend with more of the same and get the whole thing finished.  Or she might find herself called into the garden – depending on the weather of course.  And there’s a whole stack of quilt magazines that need to be checked through …..

Barbara has considered spending the entire time involved with this –

(yes, she does know about Kindles but still prefers the real thing) – but feels that she may find herself putting binding on two smallish quilts that are currently in a heap next to the sewing machine.

Or there’s the quilting and binding to do on another small quilt

maybe even time to make a couple more blocks for the Staffs Patchworkers  Block of the Month  featured in their newsletter

Barbara has also been muttering about making another Whig’s Defeat block (what about finishing the first one? – Chris) in Jubilee colours as part of her carry-around handsewing.  She has actually made a start

and, since taking this picture, has cut all the shapes needed for the 4 arcs of the block but still some way to go …

We’ve rather carefully avoided showing the supplies of essential chocolate waiting to sustain us through Serious Sewing but we’re sure you will agree that chocolate is a basic quilting item ….

We hope you have a great weekend, Jubilant or otherwise.


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