time out

And so this week to Newark … where after a little confusion courtesy of postcodes and satnav, the correct school was found. It had a most splendid Minton tiled entrance hall!  Absolutely too good to miss.  So Chris promptly got her phone out (very elderly, but has a camera of sorts) and started to take pictures.  Chaos and confusions all around from those not born or brought up in the Potteries (which was pretty well everyone except Chris)  …  we’re already running a bit late, we’re trying to get set up, and you’re standing there taking photos of a floor??! (Barbara has caused similar confusion taking pictures of Minton tiled doorsteps in London – does no-one understand??)  So, with apologies for the poor quality and blurriness, here they are –

Plenty of quilt ideas literally underfoot …  One day we might get around to doing something about all our tile ideas, inspiration and heritage!  Meantime we’ll keep right on procrastinating.


4 thoughts on “time out

  1. Understand?!!!! I’m right there with you! I have spent many a trip with my head down taking photos of tiles or head back getting the ceiling!! Ahhh, I’m in the best company! I’ll have to bring some of my photos along next time I am able to visit the world headquarters!

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