Keeping busy

Its been a hectic week. Last week of course was Quilts UK at Malvern – Barbara had a stand and Chris nobly pitched up on Thursday (courtesy of the coach from Staffordshire Ps & Qs) to buy the occasional coffee. Today (Tuesday) off to Newark to give an evening talk, so much emptying out of cupboards and sorting of heaps has been taking place.

So apart from that, just what have we been doing? Well …

Is the hand of a busy quilter?

Eurgh, no – it is the hand of a busy gardener instead, busy grubbing up brambles, couch grass and other unwanted stuff from the chaotic jungle that is the bottom half of the garden. This is the top half  – a little more ordered …

… but still in need of some ‘sorting’ around the bird bath (which may get moved). The white sink will certainly get moved when a decision has been made as to where, and (possibly more importantly) by whom as it’s bloomin’ heavy.

But a little sewing has been taking place in between bouts of gardening. The Lone Star which featured here a week or so back has expanded …

… the Beginners’ Puzzle Quilt sample for Pollyanna Patchwork (classes start in September) is well on its way …

… and the Intermediate’s/Improvers/ ‘done-the beginner’s-now-what Puzzle Quilt is about to get under way. Plus of course in a couple of week’s time we have our Braid Strips class so strips have been duly sorted and stitched

and trimmed

and others made and then … ooh … you can make blocks …

… and put them together …

… and then … suppose … what if … ?? But you’ll have to come on June 16th to find out! But we’re thinking it should maybe be called Braid Bits not Braid Strips.

But for now its back to the heaps of quilts …

… time to put them in their bags, load the car up, fill up with fuel, find the directions and the SatNag, and get going.



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