Not-so-Lone Star

Everything was ready for our Lone Star class – full list of students, worksheets printed, samples done, and it was all going so well until we arrived at the hall – only to find that the caretaker had completely forgotten we had booked so locked door and a sense of rising panic.  Phonecalls, then door opened to reveal that, instead of a completely empty space, all the tables and chairs had been set out in readiness for the evening community dance event.  And the kitchen set out ready to serve tea and coffee to 70 people with cups and saucers in neat rows from one end of the countertop to the other.  Jackets off, sleeves rolled up and we set to and changed everything around in just under 15 minutes so that we could then set everything out according to our usual plan.   Not our preferred start to a class!

Once everyone had arrived and settled into their spaces we started the serious business of constructing Lone Star diamonds from strips, using the 45degree line on a ruler.  A deep and thoughtful silence accompanied Chris’s demo of putting the strips together, cutting apart into slices and joining slices back into diamonds.  Coffee, tea and biscuits were quickly served to fuel all the fabric choices required before construction began and promises of cake were made to encourage and lift the spirits….  But actually, it was fine and everyone had a good time and made diamonds for Lone Stars and we’re looking forward to seeing some new quilt tops, maybe even at our next class “Braid Strips” on June 16th.  (Chris wants to remind everyone that we can now take bookings online at our website

So, lots of random pictures to show you what was going on – enjoy!

By the time this arrived

and we’d admired Maggi’s Mystery Monday One quilt and Val’s cushion from the Hawaiian Applique class

there were lots of Lone Stars around


Well done everyone!  A most successful day after all.  Tomorrow Chris has an urgent appointment with some restful (?!) gardening and Barbara is packing ready for Quilts UK …


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