finishing off

A long time ago (only about a fortnight – Barbara) we had a ‘Finish Up‘ day at Tittensor Village Hall.  Barbara took photos and sent them through the ether to Chris to do a blog post while she went off to Holland to do Important Things. Those photos have finally shown up on Chris’s computer.  Have they been on holiday somewhere? (the internet is a wonderful place – Barbara)  Anyhow, here are a few reminders of the fun we had  …

Finish-Up Day was an invite to all and sundry to come and enjoy the delights of the Village Hall, drink tea and coffee, eat biscuits and cake, chat, and in between times catch up on a few unfinished projects.  As you can see from Barbara’s photos we all had a good time and some lovely projects were emerging from the chaos.

This Saturday (tomorrow?! – already??) we’re looking at the lovely Lone Star pattern – three designs, several construction methods, jelly roll friendly. Think its time to go and get the worksheets printed off,  finish those Blue Peters and remember to pack the starch.


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