EQ Class

While Barbara was teaching over in Holland on Saturday, Chris was teaching down the road in Eccleshall at Pollyanna Patchwork. This time it was a class on how to use Electric Quilt – the quilt design computer program. We managed to all squeeze into Alison’s classroom with our laptops and the projector for what turned out to be a very intensive day’s tuition. A class full of quick learners meant Chris taught a little more than the rock-bottom basics she’d planned on. But, hopefully, everyone went home to play with EQ – no longer afraid that they might break something by pressing the wrong button.

So … what did we all do? We started off with just getting blocks from the library, and then fabrics, and then colouring our blocks and adding fabrics to them and then we made quilts. Virtual quilts.  Dozens of them.

Lots of fun and without cutting up precious fabric and leaving threads and pins all over the floor.

We also looked at drawing our own blocks …

 … again without worrying about how on earth we would actually join all the bits together … and then we played with some of EQ7s new features, including a wonderful one called Kaleidoscope – which turns your block into a … kaleidoscope.

Finally we looked at what you can do with photos in EQ7

You could hear ideas forming! Now we just have to see what real quilts are forthcoming. Some of the virtual ones were wonderful so we can’t wait.

Now its back to reality again and getting Blue Peters ready for classes later this month, next month and even next term.


One thought on “EQ Class

  1. Really enjoyed the day, Chris, although I had a bit of a headache (all those ideas!)It’s a bit addictive, isn’t it, I kept finding myself on the laptop having a play – when I really should have been doing something else-oh, well!

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