Is it Tuesday?

Chris woke up this morning convinced it was Wednesday. I know the time is rushing by but how did that happen? Much relief on looking in the paper and discovering it was still Tuesday after all. Phew. Too much to do and no time to do it in. Barbara has jetted off again – to Holland this time (the Open European Quilt Championships) and by car (the giant tank) and ferry – she has an exhibition of her quilt collection and is giving some workshops. So, Chris is in charge of the good ship C&B once more. Apologies that this post isn’t about the fun we all had on our Finish Up day at Tittensor on Saturday but Chris can’t find the photos that Barbara reckons she uploaded to the cloud before she went – they’ll be circulating in the ether somewhere – so you’ll have to wait until they come in to land.

In the meantime … Chris has managed to make a start on a collection of Puzzle Quilt blocks for classes at Pollyanna Patchwork in September –

and is furiously printing out the workbooks for students coming to the EQ class on Saturday.

The samples and worksheet for the Lone Star class in 10 days time (or so) are almost ready to go, the worksheet probably needs a few final tweaks before ‘print’ is pressed, and it is time to start preparing the samples and worksheet for the Braided Strips class in June. The Needs List for this class is available on our website now. Its also time to prepare for next term’s evening classes in September – more worksheets and samples to prepare – full details on the website again. And don’t forget, you can pay online now!

And an email from a student just popped into Chris’s inbox with a photo of her Kaleidoscope blocks “so far” …

… and she just had to share it – well done, Dawn, it looks great.


One thought on “Is it Tuesday?

  1. Your Puzzle blocks look great, definitley progressed since Saturday. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought that today was Wednesday – must be something in the air! Dawn’s Kaleidoscope blocks are very impressive.

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