Happiness is … (part 2)

… undoubtedly lots of time, space and fabric.  But while the beginning of this week looks a bit hectic with not much time or space, the end of the week is another matter.  Saturday is our ‘Finish-Up’ Day at Tittensor Village Hall.  You can be sure that we will be taking loads of ‘stuff’ to be finished (or even started).  Why not join us?  Full details are on the website but the essentials are –

Tittensor Village Hall. Saturday April 28th. 10am – 4pm (come all day or just drop in).  Tea, coffee, biscuits, cake and advice provided.  Cost is £10 (or £5 for a half-day).

In the meantime Chris did manage a little quilting escape on Sunday (it was raining – well, hailstones the size of small pebbles actually – so no gardening possible) and made  a start on one of the Lone Star quilt patterns for our class on May 12th.

Footnote from Barbara:  The stunning creation above was carefully unveiled over coffee at Headquarters today and was much admired by everyone passing by!  We even managed not to spill coffee on it which was quite a minor miracle.


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