Happiness is ….

…. for most quilters happiness is lots of fabric and lots of time and space to play with it.  There’s not much of that sort of happiness to be found at C&B Headquarters at present – as usual, we’re both short of time but not fabric and there are more jobs on our respective daily lists than there are hours in the day.  We’ve finished our unpacking from the Uttoxeter show and one of our first jobs was to sort out NEXT year’s C&B Saturday dates – talk about time rushing by,it feels like we’ve barely started on this year!

In all the rushing around Barbara did find an unexpected delight, just where you’d expect – behind the scenes of this blog.  Way back when we discussed setting up a blog there were  several providers to choose from and we went with WordPress because several quilters we knew (like Carla Barrett from Feathered Fibers)  were blogging with WordPress.  And WordPress, apparently, is the most tech/nerdy  provider with all sorts of interesting technical bells, whistles and statistics, more than you might ever need in one lifetime.   A few days ago WordPress changed how blog statistics are presented and now, joy of joys, there is a world map showing by colours and countries how many readers there are each day.  So now we know that we are being “read” in all sorts of interesting places – Venezuela was one such – and Barbara’s having great fun checking out the map of readers ) on a far-too-frequent basis.  (I’m sure you can find something better to do – Chris)  We may even compare reader location numbers with Maggi over at To Dream to Stitch ….  or we could get on with crossing things off those lists!

Click on the image to get a bigger (more legible) view to see what Barbara is burbling about.

Oops. Apologies – Chris should have posted this last night when she got back from her concert, but head full of Elgar and Beethoven … forgot. Better late than never though.


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