After the show

So, we’ve trucked everything home and now we have to find a way to make everything magically disappear back to it’s proper place(s).  Might be more difficult than we thought – Barbara is already starting her next round of marshalling, stacking and packing, and Chris’s diary tells her that this would be a good week to put up shelves and visit the Emporium of Evil for curtain fabric and notions.  But the Uttoxeter show went well for everyone, it seems, despite some Arctic breezes.  A good range of one hour classes, plenty of retail and quilts all seasoned with attentive stewards, coffee and cake.  Barbara’s pictures have all turned out to be slightly hazy with regard to focus, (perhaps low caffeine levels at the time? – Chris) but they’re all we’ve got so we’ll have to manage.  Here are a few of the quilts that looked familiar to us, having seen them begun in class –

Great excitement when we discovered that one of our students had something pinned to one of her entries

More excitement when one of our blogging friends Shirley Sherratt from Stitcherydo appeared – a most welcome surprise visit!

Despite all the excitement and activity and answering questions, Chris managed to get this put together

and also put together some leftovers from Barbara’s handpiecing class

Barbara got as far as acquiring fabric for our September class sample

and made progress with expansion plans for an already-begun Grandmother’s Fan project

And we notice that it’s already that time of year when we sort out dates and topics for NEXT year’s classes, so we probably need to have a high level meeting at Headquarters………

1 thought on “After the show

  1. Hey! I recognise that woman with Barbara. I saw you working on those blocks Chris and they look good all put together. I see progress on Barbara’s project too!! Glad you enjoyed the surprise visit. I enjoyed seeing you both.

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