Another excuse for procrastination ….

Look what turned up in Chris’s pond today.

Mother duck visited yesterday; today she’s brought Father for a look around. Do you suppose they are house hunting?

This pond is proving a great source of procrastination. Earlier on there were the frogs – dozens of them, croaking gently into the night. They all seem to have hopped off leaving a lot of spawn behind which has been developing into tadpoles in the usual entertaining way (some of us are easily entertained). And now, ducks … ! Really must get back to cutting up strips and sewing them back together again, but duck watching is proving too entertaining. And so are the goldfinches just spotted gathering bits and pieces from the tatty flower beds. And the blackbirds have been pulling mud, grass and moss from the edges of the pond too …


2 thoughts on “Visitors

  1. That is a lovely pond and obviously already popular with the local wildlife. Hoe that they are surviving what today is throwing at us – 4″ here and still snowing like crazy. Seems like a good time to get on with Uttoxeter entries!

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