And so to Sunday – the day of Staffs Ps & Qs 30th Birthday Exhibition. A fabulous sunny day plus a car boot sale at the same venue – Chris stocked up on plants during a lull in ‘set-up’. The quilts looked great – masses of them, nearly everyone had contributed at least one to show – and were draped and arranged over giant clothes horses down the centre of the room. Yet more quilts (the more precious ‘would rather they weren’t touched’) were displayed on the stage where they could be admired from afar. All this plus traders, raffles and demonstrators, not to mention tea, coffee and home-made cakes – the date cake was wonderful, Chris managed to have two slices of that! Demonstrating was fun (?!), Chris had dug out a quilt that she started cutting and stitching as a demo for the show at Nantwich back in January and not managed to get back to since. Watching her try to work out which bit was which and how far she’d got kept everyone entertained for quite some time. Worst moment of the day? For Chris it was the arrival of the photographer from the local paper wanting ‘action shots’. (I hate having my photo taken). Best bit? Hard to choose – greeting old friends, chatting to new students, and talking to complete newbies who’d found their way to us via the mini-exhibitions taking place in local libraries. Oh, and the Archives – photos from way back, reminding us all of the days when we were young and slim with dark hair. And then suddenly it was time to pack it all away – how is it that shows always pack away much quicker than they went up? – take everything home and collapse in a little heap in a corner for a while (Chris with a good book and Radio 3, Barbara with a stiff gin and a guitar) before emptying cars and putting stuff away. No, of course not that evening, Monday was quite soon enough for Chris but then the garden called and now it’s Tuesday and there’s still stuff all over the place. But the new plants are planted and another bed has been rescued from under a weedy mass and is ready for planting.

So now its back to further procrastination (planting) and packing as Barbara heads back to Denman College, Chris gets ready to teach a couple of classes at Pollyanna Patchwork and we both get ready for the show at Uttoxeter – April 13th – 15th.



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