Pack, panic and procrastinate

We’re both doing plenty of all the above!  Chris has two classes at Pollyanna Patchwork on Saturday and has somehow been drafted onto the EarlyBird team for Staffs Patchworkers Celebration Day on Sunday.  This accounts for at least 3 different sets of “stuff” to pack, load, unpack etc.  She has also noticed that  clocks go forward one hour between these two action-packed days…. which means less time for sleep and other such unnecessary things.  Barbara has spent a couple of days acquiring other “stuff” for the Celebration Day and wrestling with seat configurations in her Tank to make sure that all the quilts and set-up equipment can be conveyed in two journeys at high speed.  Let’s just say it will be interesting, and some of the coffee and cake we have consumed this week will be worked off in the process.

Faced with all this packing, plus the (controlled) panic we’ve separately indulged in some displacement activity    practical procrastination – Chris has managed a whole day in her new garden to excellent effect, and the twanging sound of slide guitar blues is drifting down the stairs at Barbara’s house.  Hope to see lots of friends on Sunday – there will be an abundance of cake to enjoy as well as quilts, retail  (Angie’s Quilt shop, ZigZags, Pollyanna Patchwork and Castle Court Quilterand demos.


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