Class report

Its been an interesting few days.  We’ve conquered the technical difficulties of hanging quilts in the local library as part of the 30th anniversary celebrations for Staffs Patchworkers.  Lots of scissors, string and clips and other high technology.   Chris has conquered the technical difficulties of putting up shelves to accommodate most of her quilting books, and very handsome they look too.  She’s insisting that power tools make a welcome change from her trusty rotary cutter and ruler, it’s just annoying that you can’t stretch or fudge when you’re working with wood!  Barbara has been zipping (!) around in her Tank shipping quilts and general paraphernalia back and forth and watching the fuel gauge drop at an alarming rate.  Then there was a further technical difficulty when we discovered that Barbara’s laptop wouldn’t talk nicely to the projector just when we wanted to demonstrate the wonders of EQ7 and how useful it is for getting ideas for setting blocks and quilts …. we’re still working on that one!  It’s bound to be really simple to fix once we’ve consulted the handbook for the projector….

You can imagine how grateful we were for productive students who show up to class smiling and with armfuls of homework –

seems like only yesterday that we were looking at blocks on the table

–  next week we’re going to rush through basic machine quilting and binding so that this can be finished!

Several pansy blocks showed up, almost a garden full –

and (above) two lots of homework combined in a rather fetching but unexpected way.  The Scottie dog pattern was popular –

and there were stars, baskets and even chickens –

We’re getting various things together for our Saturday class “Turning on the Charm” so while that’s going on we thought we’d give a shameless plug to London Quilters whose current exhibition includes a quilt started in our Kaleidoplates class.  Thanks to Belinda for the pics of her lovely work.

We’re off to finish  packing for “Turning on the Charm”, Chris has another class to teach tomorrow and Barbara is planning on sneaking in a little bit of  guitar practice  (I told you not to borrow that Fender Stratocaster! – Chris).


One thought on “Class report

  1. Wonderful array of projects and homework. Which library are you exhibiting in and for how long? Thanks for the link to the new SPQ site by the way, much easier to get around (and no gas guzzling involved!)

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