…. is something our students seem to specialise in.  Some lovely homework came  in to class this week and we managed to be a little more sensible during the demo too.  One house block had almost magically been turned into a comfortable-sized cushion –

– and several other featured blocks arrived

(amazing what those cut-off triangles from Flying Geese units can be made into as you can see from these 4 blocks )

Barbara managed an almost coherent reprise of foundation piecing and showed the construction of this week’s homework block

Then it was time to take a look at the very basics of blanket stitch applique – the class kit was a 7inch square of black fabric, 3 or 4 hexagons (cut with our helpful AccuCut gadget) and a length of #12 perle thread.  The task was just to arrange the hexagons and stitch them down, but the temptation to take things a step further proved too great

There was just time to admire these lovely pieces which were begun in earlier Saturday classes

Next week we’re looking at flowers – probably pansies – pieced and applique.  Who knows, the result may look something like this …

Our productivity has been limited – Chris is yet again at the helm of C&B Enterprises and putting up shelves in her office as Barbara has swanned off (again) to her annual quilting retreat and is idling in the lap of luxury doing crazy things like reading books and playing her guitar  (and I thought it was a quilting retreat? – Chris) until Monday.  Although Barbara did send a cryptic message to say she has sorted out the applique pansies for class next week ….


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