Great results

We love seeing how things work out and there’s often an impromptu show & tell section in the lunch break at our Saturday classes where we get to see all sorts of lovely pieces that were begun in an earlier class.  This top of Val’s is really something!  Started at our January “Grow Your Own” class  (with fabric that everyone wished they owned) Val showed us the current stage of growth – there are 2 more borders to go she thinks

And two lovely Lily pieces well on their way to completion after the same class

From one of last year’s evening class series Dawn brought this stunner to show us

Not to be outdone in the production stakes Chris managed to put this top together amidst all the chaos and confusion of last week

So far this week hasn’t been quite as monumentally disastrous as last, but Barbara’s brain has definitely been declared missing – worksheets that had been carefully printed out for class could not be found on the night, so there was a huge discrepancy between the demo, samples and the formal paperwork and once again the patience of students was tested to the limit.  Maybe the excitement of the cars has been too much!  On the list for this week – Double Wedding Ring and variations thereof

The Fancy Dresden Plate from last week didn’t look too bad either – a Honeybee block has sneaked in at the right too



One thought on “Great results

  1. Beautiful work ladies! I love the inspiration I get from your quilts/blocks/class photos. To Val, what a stunner! And to my teacher friends, wiggle, sometimes it just helps! (advice from a friend to me on several occasions)

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